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SEC stole our money U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The people against  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC
SEC  stole our money U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
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As everyone knows the SEC ( U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  ) arbitrarily closed Zeek Rewards with accusations, hit the hammer and closed the case, all of it without any transparency to the affiliates! (this attitude reminded me about the time of inquisition, dictatorship or worse …) I would like to remember you that our money, our dreams and expectations have been locked up by the SEC. I’m not here to defend Paul Burks, but only investigate the facts!
1st – I do not think Paul Burks would build a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme in U.S. territory with an opened office (PHYSICAL OFFICE) in the United States, if it were really a scam Zeek Rewards would never be founded in the United States, but in territory free of laws and no U.S. jurisdiction.
2nd – Until then Zeek Rewards was making payments correctly, there was only some issues of punctuality and a few errors due to the large scale growth of the company! Critics say Zeek Rewards did not pay these affiliates because it was a malicious company, ok! So I throw the question: How many times those payments where delaying and the very same day there were people who received twice the same payment? TATS IT, PAID TWICE THE SAME PERSON … (is it a company who pays twice the same affiliate unethical? I believe it´s not!!) And most of the times they never asked for a refund!
3rd – BIDS, BIDS, BIDS … that’s what we were buying and donating to our ZEKKLER customers. This was our product! If it was virtual or not, it was in fact a product and it was never any kind of investment.
4th – Perhaps Zeek Rewards was going through a rough time, OK! But look, new projects, sites and products were coming! Yes … for those who didn´t knew a new site was about to be launched. The ZEEBATES starting on Aug. 22nd this year and after it an infinity of mechanisms to enable sustainability for Zeek Rewards! And sure Paul Burks could control it easily enough just by putting the site in maintenance mode for a few days and only allowing a maximum withdrawal of 20% or 50% (everyone would understand that it was for the company’s sustainability and longevity).
SUMMARY: It was possible to control the situation!
5th – They took a video that I recorded (William Gil) in Paul Burks office totally comfortable in our leaders meeting and made the most absurd translation. They said he admitted to be a Ponzi scheme and so on… Question: Do you really think he would say something like that in front of a camera if the intention was to fool someone? You really think Victor Rival would accumulate 1 million VIP Points without taking almost anything to get the São Paulo ZR Dinner and be surprised when his Back Office did not open? Do you really think Denise Marchon would also take the least to lose its 700,000 VIP Points from one day to another? And to close with a golden key, you really think I (William Gil) unable to speak English and withdrawing almost nothing of my incomes knew something about this? Nobody deserves this. You don’t even need to answer. Anyone with the intelligence of a kid could answer that.
6th – The great MLM leaders and countless affiliates around the world are helping to put SEC in the crosshairs of the lawyers and rescue Zeek Rewards. A law firm called SNR Denton, you can read about the company here: http://www.snrdenton.com. Until http://zteambiz.com . They prepared a site to raise funds to pay lawyers. Theres many people in favor of Zeek Rewards and against the SEC.
7 The SEC acted radically and unfair with Zeek Rewards and all its affiliates, they did not understand the Zeek mechanism to make such a premature, overbearing and arrogant decision from night to day!
We must understand something: The judge who signed the company’s closing was requested to do it urgently he did not had time to analyze the facts. It was reported by the SEC that Zeek Rewards was an investment company in full expansion and was not able to sustain itself. They did it to save what they called “INVESTORS”. Of course, the judge does not understand MLM, does not understand Bids, much less understands about online businesses. Conclusion: a signature that changed forever the lives of over 2 million people worldwide. The most unbelievable is that a situation like this happened in what they call the “Land of Freedom”.
Note that the SEC never mentioned anything about Zeekler auctions and much less about Shopping Dayse and Free Store Club. These facts will prove that Zeek Rewards was not a Ponzi scheme or a Pyramid.
What about the official income disclosure statement of 2011 issued to the U.S. government? TOTALLY IGNORED! They clearly mention in it that the outcome of each affiliate was not related to any compensation plan, but only depended on the sales effort, teamwork and diligence.
Anyway … I could write a book about this case with so many CLEARLY VISIBLE arguments showing that WITH CERTAINTY SEC acted erroneous and regrettable!
FOR FINISHING: ZeekRewards was closed in full swing before even been able to make some complementary adjustments. I believe that due to an accelerated growth perhaps it could be taken for Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme, BUT IN FACT IT WAS NOT!
With a somewhat ironic phrase I do a comparison: “PIG NOSE LOOKS LIKE A ELECTRIC OUTLET BUT IS NOT, MUCH LESS HAS ELECTRICITY.”
My friends, evil prevails when good men sits and wait.
Sit back and let a bad government take our company is wrong. I will not tolerate this … will you?
God bless and lets have faith for what seems to be impossible … But I believe that nothing is impossible if it is the will of God.

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